RealTimeRental Newsletter

RealTimeRental Newsletter January 2017
RealTimeRental January 2017 Newsletter 

Are you taking advantage of all the
New Features
we have rolled out recently?

Impress your rental guests with interactive promotional items. T.A.P. Tags are custom branded and can display virtually any URL on your rental guests' smartphones. 

T.A.P. Tag Technologies:
 Looking to revamp marketing campaigns, embrace new technology, and increase communication with your rental guests?  T.A.P. Tag Technology can help.  Learn more at
Tenant Portal:  The RTR Tenant Portal is a no cost solution that allows you to connect with your Rental Guests online. Rental Guests can view lease info, payment schedules, property photos and more.  If you accepts credit card payments or E Checks (via integrated partners), Rental Guests can make payments via the tenant portal. 
Automated Emails:   Save time by automating tasks such as notifying a property owner when you create a booking, pre check-in welcome messages to guests, late payment reminders and more.  All emails customized and come from your company email server. First three emails set up free of charge.
Citrix RightSignature is the fast, easy electronic signature software that's built for business.  With aggressive pricing structures that beat their competition, we are confident you'll love them as much as we do! 
*Security Deposit List * Invoice Report * Sub Ledgers * Credit Card List * Lease Ledger * Right Signature Log* 

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