Frequently Asked Questions

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With cloud based vacation rental software, like RealTimeRental, there is no need to purchase hardware or servers to host data for your office. Your rental reservation software can be accessed 24/7 from any computer with internet access.

No! RealTimeRental has no seat limits or restrictions on the number of users accessing your vacation rental software. Whether your vacation rental business is run by a large operation made up of hundreds of employees or by a small staff of dedicated team members, RealTimeRental has you covered. With no seat limits or restrictions on the number of users per office our vacation rental software can handle rental operations of any size.

Yes. RealTimeRental can import most databases from vacation rental and property management systems. Quotes and recommendations are made on an individual basis.

Yes. Though not every state taxes rent, we have many RealTimeRental users located in states that do. Simply send us the rules from your tax authority and we will program the rules accordingly.

Yes. Unlike some vacation rental software companies, with RealTimeRental there is no need to buy a website if you don't want one. If you are happy with your current website, so are we! Connect your rental inventory right to your existing website with RealTimeRental's out of the box website links or create a visitor experience with RealTimeRental's API.

API is an abbreviation for Application Program Interface. The API gives your web developer all the necessary data and information needed to completely customize the look and feel of your rental inventory on your website. In less technical terms, the API provides all the necessary building blocks and your web developer puts the blocks together in a completely customized way.

Yes! Simply fill out this Form and our sales team will reach out to you.