RealTimeRental serves a growing customer base of 200+ professional real estate and property management companies located in 32 states, Costa Rica, Mexico, and St. John.

Here are just a few of our Happy Clients.


I was delighted to find that RealTimeRental has a strong accounting/financial system, a strong web based user friendly site for our clients and customers, and a support staff that has been available and gets back in touch. An overall fabulous rental program for our industry. Having changed systems before, this transition has been painless. RealTimeRental and all of their contact and support staff have been a pleasure to work with.

Checking availability and lease creation with RealTimeRental is a snap, especially when you have 10 or 12 agents working on the system at the same time. The back office reports are so helpful in keeping track of check in, checkout and money.

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to you and all of the RealTimeRental staff. After suffering through inadequate software, finding you all was a true blessing. From the first phone conversation, every experience has been positive. I was beginning to think that kind of work ethic was a thing of the past, but now I know there are people out there that put customer service and satisfaction first and obviously work as many hours a day as I do. I have used two other software programs in the past, and RealTimeRental is head and heels above what I was used to. It is so user friendly. Your staff is awesome and their support is priceless. It is so refreshing to work with people who are professional, and actually care enough to make sure their clients are happy. Every time I have needed them they have been there to help me work through unusual situations that come up, and the support team never makes you feel like you don’t know what you are doing. Their ability to customize the program to our needs as a small growing company is something I didn’t expect and is priceless to us. My staff has been able to jump into the program in our peak rental season with very little training which is a testimony to how user friendly RealTimeRental is. We’ve hardly scratched the surface of all the tools available to us so every day is a new surprise that makes our lives easier. As a Broker in North Carolina, where our trust accounting rules are very strict, it is very comforting to know that your vacation rental software complies with all the standards of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. From an accounting standpoint, my job is much easier and I feel much more confident that everything is being done properly.


We have been working with RealTimeRental for over 15 years. It amazes me the amount of efficiency and availability that they supply. No matter whether my question is simple or a complex issue it is solved by staff immediately. There are many hurdles that companies must face with vacation rentals and the RealTimeRental system makes our procedures much more efficient with the sharing of information with other companies. In addition, I feel the RealTimeRental system helps us work smarter, not harder! RealTimeRental understands the demands of the rental industry and knows that technology is constantly changing. They are always one step ahead in regards to making sure the system is customer friendly.

RealTimeRental has been a reliable part of our rental business for a couple seasons now. They have always been helpful with any customization we need done with the software to adapt to our business practices and also are always willing to help with any questions we have. RealTimeRental’s vacation rental software has automated many things that used to take significantly longer to complete manually. Long story short, the staff and software at RealTimeRental are top notch.

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for providing our rental company with a top notch online program for our vacation rentals. The back office reports are so helpful in keeping track of check in, checkout and money. I find the people and service at RealTimeRental to be highly professional and very responsive. That is probably one of the things I like best about your customer service- it is personal.

Software is only as good as the support department that stands behind it. I would say that the tech support is the one thing that puts RealTimeRental ahead of the competition. The support team is great and has been fantastic since day one. Compared to what I have previously experienced, the conversion process from our former software to RealTimeRental was a smooth transition. Our questions and concerns were always taken seriously by RealTimeRental, and every effort was made to provide an immediate solution. RealTimeRental reservation system is swift, user friendly, and reliable. We have been clients of RealTimeRental for many years and look forward to continuing a great relationship.

Thank you for all your help by the way. You have been amazing to work with and so helpful. Its refreshing to work with a company and individual who cares about customer service and relations. FIVE STARS!


Changing from an old system to a new one when you have over 100 agents, 2,000 properties and write over 5,000 leases would ordinarily be a very large task, but not with RealTimeRental. The system is so user friendly and the entire staff at RealTimeRental is so helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable that it was smooth sailing the entire way.

Our agency had developed our own in house software and had reached the point in growth that we needed to make a software improvement to facilitate our growth. Due to the size of our business we felt the best solution was to have a web based program that owners could access and worked with most of the other offices that we deal with, eliminating the need to phone in our rentals to them. In addition, we wanted a stable back office solution that made check issuing and 1099 reporting easy. After doing much research we chose RealTimeRental as our vacation rental software. They are on the right path with their software and it met our needs. Having gone though four rental seasons so far, and having all the major realtors in our area using RealTimeRental, has proven that our software decision was the correct one. RealTimeRental continues to listen to their users and improve their software program going forward.

Summer rentals are a large part of our company’s business. With over 1500 properties in our database and several thousand reservations to track annually, one of our concerns when looking for vacation rental software was our volume. From my experience with RealTimeRental, no rental company is too large or does too much business. We also benefit tremendously as we are located in a unique market place, and share our rental listing authorizations with other local vacation rental managers. The RealTimeRental system has tracked these alternate bookings for us since the year 2000 and we’ve never had a double booking with an agency who utilizes the technology as well. No other system that I have come across has the same capabilities and that’s why I endorse RealTimeRental to any property management company.