Fully Integrated Trust Accounting

Keep track of your office's finances with fully integrated TRUE Trust Accounting. RealTimeRental creates a full audit trail from the moment the money is received through payout.

No Need to Import Data to Quickbooks or do Your Books Manually!

True trust accounting means all rental finances are fully accounted for and easily tracked in the RealTimeRental system.

RealTimeRental's Trust Accounting creates an audit trail for property owners, service providers, taxes, commissions and more. From the moment the payments are received (check, fully integrated online credit card processing, money order, wire transfer) RealTimeRental shows to whom the money belongs while in the trust account up until the actual payout of those funds and 1099 Reports at year's end.

Some Key Trust Accounting Features:

  • Ability to handle Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Receive and track check, cash, money order, wire transfer, or credit card payments
  • Multiple invoicing options
    • Deposit ticket generation
    • Check generation for property owners, broker, rental agents, and service vendors
    • Check detail reports
    • Lease ledgers
    • Trial balance
    • Monthly bank reconciliation
    • Commission reports for both broker and agents
    • Owner statements
    • Vendor ledgers
    • Work order accounting
    • Productivity report
    • Tax reports
    • Owner reserve funds
    • Integrated ACH processing for property owners
    • Printing of 1099's for property owners, rental agents, and service vendors
    • Electronic filing via 1099 Pro
    • Profit and loss reports